Easterseals by Chris DellaPace

Dexter Doyne, General Contractor/Construction Manager of Doyne Construction Company Inc. | Easterseals Rollin’ On the River 5K   

How did you get into running?

In 1982, I was a cigarette smoker until one afternoon, I reached for one and discovered it was the last cigarette of a new pack I had opened that morning. The thought of having smoked a pack in less than a day actually scared me into quitting smoking that very same day — cold turkey. I was told that if I wanted to be successful in quitting one habit, I needed to replace it with another habit. So I decided to start running.

What results can you attribute to running?

I am pleased to say that at age 63 I am in great physical shape. I am not on any prescription drugs or medications, and I can still wear the suit I was married in more than 34 years ago. Running has provided the motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet. I try to eat fruits and/or salads with each balanced meal, avoiding salt and sugar as much as possible. It also taught me the importance of proper stretching to maintain flexibility and deep breathing to reduce stress. 

Where and how often do you run?

I live in the College Station community near the Little Rock Port Industrial Park. I am fortunate the area contains a nice mix of long, flat surfaces, as well as several gentle hills. I am an early morning runner, and I have carved out a 5K route, a 7K route and a 10K route. In 2006 I fulfilled one of my bucket list items by completing the Little Rock Marathon. As I got older, I decided to preserve my knees and feet, so I now run every other day. On non-running days, I ride my bicycle on some of my favorite routes or perform extended stretching sessions. 

Why would you recommend running?

It is a great way to lose weight naturally and maintain control. Running can create periods of solitude and meditation to reconnect your body, mind and soul to the universe. Running can produce endorphins to reduce stress and even create the runner’s high that gives you a better outlook on your life.

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