This workout's
for you if...

  • you prefer reps to timers.
  • you want muscle definition.
  • you feel a bit frail. Weight training actually prevents injury.

Weight Training

The Basics

Drop whatever preconceived notions you have about lifting weights. People of every size, shape and skill level can participate in and reap the benefits of weight training.

As you get older, muscle mass more quickly turns to fat, making weight training pivotal in keeping muscles lean and strong. These benefits also extend to strengthening bones and connecting muscles and tissue, which helps mobility and prevents injury.

These exercises are generally high intensity, but can be modified based on your goals. Experts suggest doing weight training sessions just two to three times a week to see results.

But playing it smart with weights is key. While you might be able to tell the difference between pushing yourself and overdoing it on some workouts, the chance for injury with weights is much more prevalent without the help of a trained professional.

The Gear

  • Free weights or weight machines
  • Medicine balls
  • Lifting gloves/braces (if you’re hardcore)

The Lingo

Split Routine
Training specific muscle groups on certain days in order to have time to recover and rebuild (think: designating Mondays as leg days in a five-day split)

Any sort of addition, such as resistance, weight, number of sets etc.



10 Fitness
Multiple locations

A Kick Above Personal Training Studio
Little Rock

Anytime Fitness
Conway, Little Rock, North Little Rock, Jacksonville, Greenbrier & Morrilton
Details: Free weights, machines

Arkansas Fitness & Athletics
Little Rock
Details: Functional strength training in a group fitness setting. Customized workouts that range from athletes to the everyday person.

Athletic Revolution Riverdale
Little Rock

Carousel Fit 4 Life Wellness Center
North Little Rock
Details: Personal training

The Center of Bryant at Bishop Park
Details: Weight room

Club FIT
Little Rock
Details: Personal training or Fit Bootcamp

Clubhaus Fitness
Little Rock
Details: Free weights, PIN-select equipment, Kenesis I

Conway CrossFit

Conway Regional Health & Fitness Center
Two locations in Conway

CrossFit Align
North Little Rock
Details: Weightlifting clinics

CrossFit Legit

CrossFit Midpoint
Little Rock
Details: Olympic lifting, powerlifting

Custom Fit By Nicki

D1 Little Rock
Little Rock
Details: Olympic lifting, strength training, powerlifting

Downtown Athletic Club
Little Rock

Little Rock
Details: Bodyweight training, kettlebell training, and barbell training all done in a 30-minute EXPRESS workout system

Fit Factory Little Rock
Little Rock
Details: Dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, Weights 101 with Jeff

Functional Health and Fitness, LLC - David Houk, Physical Therapist
Little Rock

Health & Fitness in the Heights
Little Rock
Details: Full circuit, free weights up to 100 pounds

IM=X Pilates
Little Rock
Details: Weights incorporated in many of the Pilates & barre classes

Little Rock

Jazzercise Conway Fitness Center

Jim Dailey Fitness & Aquatic Center
Little Rock

Little Rock Athletic Club
Little Rock
Details: Three different weight floors

Little Rock Racquet Club
Little Rock

McClure Fitness
Details: TRX strength training

North Little Rock Athletic Club
North Little Rock

Orangetheory Fitness
Two locations in Little Rock
Details: Extensive high intensity, low impact weight training with variations for restrictions

Orlando’s Personal Fitness
Little Rock
Details: Kids fitness program, personal training

Proformance Sports Academy
Little Rock

Results by Tina Personal Training Studio
Little Rock
Details: Machines, kettlebells, free weights, TRX

Rock City Crossfit
North Little Rock
Details: Working mostly with Olympic lifts, but accessory work with other movements as well

Sherwood CrossFit
Details: Olympic weightlifting classes Saturdays at 10:30 a.m.

Snap Fitness
Little Rock

Little Rock

Unleashed Health & Fitness
Little Rock

Wellness Revolution Crossfit
Little Rock
Details: Powerlifting, olympic lifting

The Time

30 - 60


The Burn

180 - 260

calories per 60-minute class
*Average sourced from Harvard Medical School