Crossfit photo courtesy of Little Rock Athletic Club

Susie Everett, owner of Everett Buick GMC

How did you get into Crossfit?

I didn’t know much about Crossfit, but was interested in the challenges I heard about, so about five or six years ago I went to check it out. I had only done weightlifting in the weight room and occasionally with a trainer. When I first started Crossfit, I would look at the board that had all these abbreviations like WOD, AMRAP, OHS — every day I needed an interpreter! But there was always someone ready to help and encourage me. I think the sense of community and encouragement kept me going.

What changes can you attribute to Crossfit?

Crossfit is a challenge every time you work out, no matter your fitness level. Even with scaling back, you are challenged. I am stronger and have better muscle tone, I have no problem keeping up and playing with my six grandchildren and I think my exercise is a big factor in my endurance and energy. 

Where and how often do you work out?

I work out at Crossfit Testament in Benton. For quite some time I would go five times per week. It seems now that I am truly getting older, it may be better for my body to cut back a little on the intensity. Now I am going three days per week, but I work out at home on the days I don’t go. At home, I usually mix up my workout with the stationary bike, rowing machine and treadmill.

Why would you recommend Crossfit?

Crossfit offers variety in working out mixing weightlifting, gymnastics and cardio in all kinds of ways! I can’t do what many of the younger and stronger ones can do, but I listen to my body. I no longer try to do a handstand pushup because blood vessels break down on my face. I would love to do pullups, but the ring rows challenge me just the same. I have had reconstruction surgeries from being a breast cancer survivor and muscles from my back have been transferred to my chest. I may never do a pullup, but look what I can do! I’m proud of my fitness level for my age.

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